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Why Move When You Can Improve

We will build, improve, and make your property look great!

Walk in Your Ideal Home

Turn your house into a beautiful home with construction and remodeling services from Currie & Currie Enterprise. We will build, improve, and make your property look great! Our services are for clients throughout the North Carolina area. Continue browsing our website to learn more about us and what we do.


Our Humble Beginnings

Currie & Currie Enterprise LLC. was founded in 1995 by Rodney S Currie Sr. He is also the CEO of Manifest Property Development Inc. and Punch Out Team LLC. Mr. Currie currently wears many hats in the growing stages of the business, dedicated to making the company profitable and a success.

Currie & Currie Enterprise LLC. is dedicated to the real estate side of the business, Manifest is dedicated to the remodeling, and Punch Out Team is dedicated to sub-contracting of punch-list work from larger other companies.

Rodney has more than 36 years of personal experience and more than 32 years of experience in the construction field. Before becoming a business owner, this was a side business while his full-time job was a carpenter. Rodney always knew he would branch out and become a full-time business owner. Being a business owner and contractor has been a dream since he was a young child.

Rodney worked his full-time job as a installer at Westshore home, installing windows, doors and bathroom remodels while growing Currie & Currie Enterprise LLC until he became a full-time entrepreneur. Now, the company engages in sub-contracting work on commercial projects, general contracting on residential projects, sub-contracting with Luxury bath of Raleigh and some passed employers,.

Rodney continues taking courses and training programs at college. This has and will continue to aid him in being a better-skilled, more knowledgeable, and successful entrepreneur.

He also developed both personal and business skills through on-the-job training while gainfully employed. His talent and years of experience add value to the growth of his company. Current projects that can testify to his business ethics and quality of work include a 50+ apartment building and housing development where Section 8 and private dwelling codes were met.

Our passion is to serve the elderly and people with disabilities.  This has always been our heart core and focus of being in the contracting business

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