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5 Factors to consider before a bathroom remodel

Nov. 1 2020

Multiple factors might inspire the decision to remodel your bathroom. However, bottom line, there should be many considerations to make before having the desired look or changes.

1.  Budget

 How flexible is your budget? Maybe this is one of the most important considerations to make before starting on the project. Depending on the scale of works, budgets may stretch by far, sometimes to unmanageable levels. However, it is essential to begin with some cost estimates as a guide.

2.  Material Selection

 Having the desired outcome will be contributed to by multiple factors, including the type of materials used. Therefore, the right and adequate materials must be selected, depending on the desired final outlook. High-end materials will be associated with better outcomes.

3.  Contractor Selection.

  Is your bathroom remodeling contractor available for the works? This is yet another critical factor that one needs to consider. While some contractors offer general services, other specialized contractors will guarantee quality bathroom remodeling.

4.  Think about storage.

The importance of storage in your bathroom cannot be underemphasized in a modern bathroom setup. You can probably have shelves or baskets for the storage of your essentials along the corners of the walls. However, that needs be done innovatively to maximize the available space.

5.  How well is your bathroom lit?

Access to natural lighting is essential for the ambiance and a nice looking space. Colonial windows are a thing of the past, and therefore, this is something important to consider in your bathroom remodeling exercise. Think of including modern large windows.

These factors will be important in your planning exercise. Also significant, they will be crucial to follow and think about for that good looking bathroom that equally looks modern. 

Remodeling your Kitchen: A Comprehensive Guide

Nov. 6 2020

From mouth-watering meat dishes to soups and salads, the kitchen is the one place in your house where all the magic happens. What some people fail to realize though is the fact that this is a space that should be taken care of just like the rest of the rooms in your house. Livening up your kitchen not only makes cooking times enjoyable, but also appeals to visitors. Want to give your kitchen space a revamp? We compiled these amazing ideas:

Get Creative with the Backsplash

What material is your kitchen walling made of? While many insist that having plain walls in the kitchen is okay so long as they serve their purpose, it doesn’t hurt to go an extra mile. You could opt for marble slabs or tiles whether ceramic, porcelain or natural stone. These alternatives make your space visually appealing while allowing your creativity to shine through. What’s more? They are long-lasting and functional.

Get the Dust off Dated Cabinets

Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn’t mean you dispose of the old items as old indeed is gold. Take that cabinet that has been sitting in the corner for years, dust it and brighten it up with a coat of paint. Consider using a bright white shade or neutral tones for a cleaner and more sophisticated look. As you do this, pay close attention to the décor to ensure the two don’t clash.

Add an Island

Looking to spice up things in your kitchen? Try adding a kitchen island. Islands are multipurpose cabinets that can serve as dining areas and dish storages. They can either match or complement the kitchen design. No matter the size of your kitchen, there is always an island for you.

Don’t Neglect the Flooring

If you want a total transformation in the kitchen, then your floor shouldn’t be left behind. Hardwood flooring gives your space an elegant feel and so does vinyl and glazed ceramic tile. There are various other alternatives you can choose from depending on your needs.

Nov. 8, 2020

 4 Amazing Tips to Successfully Plan a Whole-house


Tired of your outdated, shabby and cramped home? Maybe it is time you did a whole home remodel. You could remodel your kitchen, bathroom, living room and even the backyard patio. We understand that whole home remodels can be tough on you. That is why we came up with this guide to make things easier:

Have a Clear Vision

Before you embark on this project, ask yourself if it is really necessary. This is because compared to small DIY projects such as living room renovations, a whole-house remodel is a huge project that you simply can’t abandon along the way if the interest fades away. Also ask yourself if you can manage the whole process until completion and whether or not the project is worth investing in.

Keep the Future in Mind

As you go about remodeling your house, think of how the future will look. As you grow older, things such as well-lit areas and easy-to-operate options will prove to be more important. It is therefore important to keep these factors in mind during the remodeling process.

DIY or Hiring Experts?

You have the option of DIY or hiring contractors. However, since this is a huge project, it would be unreasonable to DIY it all. This is the reason most homeowners choose to engage the services of building contractors during whole-home remodels. It is also possible for contractors to work on some tasks, will you give a hand on others. This will cut on costs.


First, make a budget estimate for the whole project. How much will it cost you? How much will you pay the experts? Thereafter, make a funding plan. Most people depend on cash and cash and liquid assets as it doesn’t tie you to monthly payments, debt or interest charges. You can also take a loan, particularly a home equity loan.

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